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The damselfly Hemiphlebia mirabilis is an endangered species. Described by scientists as a ‘living fossil’ it is unique as it is the only member of its superfamily and possesses primitive nymphal and adult features.

It is found only in reedy backwaters in only four localities in Australia. We are proud to say that one of those sites is right here in the Yea Wetlands.
It is only tiny (app 20mm) and is metallic green in colour. Damselflies are more lightly built than their relatives the dragonflies. Its distinguishing feature is a white tip on its tail.
The adults and aquatic nymphs are carnivorous. They attack and capture insects such as mosquitoes and flies and so are valuable in helping to control pests and prevent population explosions in mosquito numbers. They require good native Tussock grass cover.

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